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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Driving Traffic to your site or blog.

Being an Internet Marketer I can tell you there are a lot of ways to do this. I will be here all day if I tried to tell you about all of them so I am only going to mention a few and only talk about the one I use the most. Keep in mind different techniques work for different people and products. This one just so happens to work best for me. I am sure by now if you are an Internet marketer you have heard the term Back linking also known as back links. For those of you who are already aware of this and what it is please continue to read anyway because you might learn something new or exciting about my method of back linking. For those of you who don\'t know what back linking is or have never heard of it before let me briefly explain what it is. I am not going into great detail on this because I don\'t want to spoil all of the fun for you. How ever it does require work and there are rules and limitations to back linking Just like any other method of advertising. So first thing is first.

Back Linking, What is it? To put is simply it is a form of advertising it is normally free to day and requires little to no effort at all. Some times it can be a bit of a hassle though depending on the type of methods you use to back link and the places you try to post your links. There are some sites like Facebook and Twitter who does it for you with the click of a button and your done but there are other site that require just a bit more work. I do use Free site like facebook and twitter however I don\'t see many results from them due to the base of my targeting and the product I am promoting. Now if you are like me and have tried sites such as Facebook and Twitter and get little to no results I will post a link toward the end of this post for you to click on. It is free and it give massive results, In fact most of my income comes from the back links that are created using this method. It is a bit more complicated the just the click of a button like facebook and twitter however it dramatically makes up for it when the links are created and you receive the traffic for it.

Getting back into what back linking is and how it works lets use this example. Take a single care on a back rode in the middle of nowhere. If that care was to break down with you in it who would find you and or how long would it take someone too if they did? The road you are on represent your site or blog you being on it all by yourself could be just because you created it or set it up. Or maybe you just got lost somewhere on your search or in this example travel. Now you being the only thing on this road (website or blog) that almost no one knows about or even how to get to would make it almost impossible to find you or locate you right?

This is where back linking comes in and where you start to understand how it works and it\'s true power

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Driving Traffic to your site or blog!

Driving Traffic to your site or blog!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Earn easily and often with

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Driving Traffic to your site or blog!

Driving Traffic to your site or blog!

Disney and Pixar

These are all the Shrek movies and a bonus movie just for your enjoyment so sit back and enjoy


If you like this movie and would like more Disney movies to be uploaded by me or have a request feel free to ask me here on Masata it is a free social networking site that I have built and would like for everyone to sign up and use. It is packed with lots of things to do and it even has it's own free chat line so please at least check it out.

Thanks you


If you like this movie and would like more Disney movies to be uploaded by me or have a request feel free to ask me here on Masata it is a free social networking site that I have built and would like for everyone to sign up and use. It is packed with lots of things to do and it even has it's own free chat line so please at least check it out.

Thanks you

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Childs Program or Adult Humor

 Sponge Bob Square Pants
Lets face it us as adults and those that are parents will agree we have to monitor what our children watch on television. I normally here about a new show and watch it first. Most of us as parents don't have a lot of time with our busy lives to sit down and watch every show that our children watch on television before exposing them to is right. Well that is why I am writing this to help with the process. I am currently watching Sponge Bob Square Pants . Now I ask you is this really a kids show or is this simply adult humor? Would you let your child watch this program if you really look into it. When we think about childrens programming we thing of networks like Disney and Nickelodeon. Sponge bob is aired on Nickelodeon also known as Nick and Nick toons. I know these are suppose to be kid networks but what about the programming they show? Lets break this one down.

To start let introduce the main Characters of this so called kids show. First is the star Sponge bob. He is a sponge that wears pants and doesn't use any common sense. He works as a fry cook for the Krusty Krab named after his boss Mr. Krabs. Next is his next door neighbors Squidward and Patrick. Squidward is a squid that plays music and works as an order taker at the local restaurant known as the Krusty Krab. Patrick is a friend of Sponge bob who is slow and unemployed,he live under a rock and he is a star fish.
We also have Sandy who is a squirrel that lives in a bubble under water which we all know is not possible. They live in a town called bikini bottom and they go to a school with a teacher who's name just so happen to be mrs. Puff. Now let's take a minute and look deeper into this and translate a few of these things namely some of the terms mentioned. I know that kids are young and that there is a possibility that they are too young to understand or know what these terms are but is this something we really want to expose our youth too?

 Bikini Bottom (the town)
This is the underwater town that Sponge Bob and all his friends live. The town where jelly fishing and Krabby Patties rule. There is a school where they take boating lessons, each of the character's houses and the Krusty Krab, and the Chum Bucket owned by Mr. Krab's long time rival Plankton who is a single celled organism that is looking to ruin the Krusty Krab. He is married to a computer and always have evil ideas and plans. Nothing wrong with that right. Everything seems innocent and fun for kids but let's take a look at the name of this town. Bikini Bottom.
Now look at the picture that is the message that is given to our children. Is that something you want your child to know about so young? I know I don't ever want my child to know about something so explicit at a very early age. I mean not until they reach their early twenties. Now I know I might be feeding a bit much into this but lets keep in mind the writers are all adults. Why should our children have to know about bikini bottoms through a kids cartoon. Shouldn't it be the job of the parent to teach their child about sex. Yet most people see no harm in this or is it that they just don't care. You be the judge of that.
The Owner of the restaurant where Sponge Bob works with his neighbor Squidward. Mr. Krabs is a money hungry, selfish,inconsiderate, greedy boss who would sell his soul to the devil for a quick buck. No harm in that right. I mean there are many people in this world that are the same way as Mr. Krabs right. Okay But if you look at the way the name is spelled starting with a K instead of a C it just seems funny to me that this concept is closely related to something else that I will get into on the translation capsule. Lets see what you think or if you agree.
 The STD Krabbes (translation)
this here is a picture of the Sexually Transmitted Disease know as Krabbes which we can see also starts with the letter K. I mean why would this be in a cartoon made for kids? Is it to teach our children about sexually transmitted diseases or is it just sick humor to corrupt our youths minds? There are many cartoons out there that children watch and none of them mention anything of the sort. I don't know what the writers are trying to get at but this is not a message I should feel comfortable allowing my child to watch.  
She is the local driving or in this show boating instructor. Her name is Mrs. Puff she hates sponge bob. She thinks he is annoying yet she is really nice and sweet to everyone else. She tries to push Sponge bob through the course just so she doesn't have to deal with him any more. Let's face the facts no one like to be annoyed but the real message is yet to come.
 Translation Puff on this
When you hear the word puff what is it that you think about. I don't know about you but I think about smoking, and this is the message behind the word puff. Now we have Drugs come into play do you really want your child to think about smoking or doing drugs because of a name they hear in one of the programs they watch on the television. I know that if I ever caught my child smoking anything I might go crazy but our children now think it is okay to smoke. I wonder why. How many of our children have to get locked up or get someone else locked up drugs or even smoke cigarettes? because they choose to do They hear and see these things on tv and think it is okay because they see these so called role models and people they look up too doing it. They even hear and see it in their cartoons. What is this world coming too? 

Sandy Cheeks
A Power hungry squirrel that lives in a glass bubble dome underwater. She goes by the name Sandy Cheeks. This is by far the worse one yet I think. She wears ab bra and a short skirt and she is supposed to be a scientist. She most of the time walks around under water in a space suite and helmet. We all know squirrels can't live under water but of course it is suppose to be funny. Laugh out loud but what is funny about a squirrel named Sandy Cheeks to me that is inappropriate for any child or even teenager,yet this is what passes for entertainment for Kids have we lost our minds or is it that we overlook these things. Are we that busy as adults where we allow such things as this to corrupt our youth? I think not so lets wise up and do something about this help save our youth. 
 Translation (need I say more)
The picture to the right says it all. The word sandy refers to the color and the word cheeks well just let the picture speak for that. I mean really come on now this is suppose to be a childrens show. Something created to help aid in raising our children is this what we want them to learn and gain from this. When you think about it now how do you feel know that a show designed for children was actually created to corrupt their minds. What will we do as parents to prevent this kind of thing in the future? How hard will you work to protect you child?
Written By: Kai Masata

Monday, January 31, 2011

What is the Most Important thing in a Relationship

Okay I am not an expert or anything but lets be real for a minute anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows. This is going to be somewhat of a task to explain but I will do my best. I am only human you know. Let start by breaking down what a relationship is and they different types as well as what is needed to have a relationship. Then we will move into how to apply them to make a relationship work. This could be a long article because I have a lot of information but I will try to break it up into smaller articles to make it easier for you and so you don't have to do a lot of reading.
Relationship what is it? A relationship is a connection if we were to look up the word it would say the state of being connected or the state in which two or more concepts,people,or objects are connected.
Now that we know what a relationship is how about we talk about the different kinds involving people, There are many levels such as husband/wife,boyfriend/girlfriend,sister/sister,brother/brother,parent/child,neighbor/neighbor,friend/friend,and many more. Most people hear the word relationship and think boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. They often overlook the many other type and levels of relationships. That is why I am writing this article. To help people realize all they types and what is need for each type and to talk about the most important thing in a relationship.
Before I get into that ask yourself this question is there a such thing as an opinionated question or a question in which the answer is based on opinion only? Think about it for a moment. If you answered yes to this question then you have no idea,any question has a universal answer meaning that it can be answered right or wrong. I know because I have done the research myself. I sat down with many people and asked a series of questions that many believe are opinionated and yes I have gotten several answers but once I to time to find the answers to these questions in which I have already had by the time I started my research I realized that even these questions can be answered. So not do this little experiment yourself ask ten of your friends "what is the most important thing and a relationship" and see how many different answer you get. I only ask this to make my next point in which I will get to in a few minutes. Once you have your answer really think about the question and then give your answer. Some of them might match but you are going to get at least four different answers and that is because many people are blinded by what they have learned growing up. That is normal so don't be offended in anyway this is a natural process.
Now that we have gotten that out of the way lets get into breaking down and defining each piece of a relationship such as everything need to make a relationship. Many people know all these things and what they are the problem is they don't know how to apply them to a relationship. I have learn this the hard way and I am not that old but many go through their entire lives and never learn these things so I am here to tell you and hopefully make a difference in everybody's life and relationships. First things first what does it take to make up a relationship? Well...
It takes a great number of things in which I am about to listen so listen up and listen good you don't want to miss this.
  1. Trust: What is trust you ask? Well trust is knowing you can depend on someone or something. The book definition would be to place reliance on or in .
  2. Honesty: The act of not telling any lies but the book definition is free of deceit or untruthfulness,sincere.
  3. Love: The deepest feeling of caring for another. The book definition says an intense feeling of deep affection.
  4. Communication: Socialization or as the book say the exchange of information or news.
  5. Commitment: this one tends to confuse a lot of people commitment is being dedicated to someone or something, the book definition says an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.
Those are the major things need to have a relationship with anyone or anything. However none of them are the most important thing in a relationship. This thing I speak of makes or breaks a relationship and I can speak from experience when I say that if you subtract a one or two of the things listed above you could still have a relationship with someone or something. It is possible to be part of a relationship with some of them. Now I bet you are wondering what could be the most important thing in a relationship and how is it that none of those things are. Well if I told you that everyone knows what the most important things in a relationship is they are just unaware that they know. How would you feel? Now that I have you thinking let me ask you if love and all the things listed above help make up a relationship but you can still have one without them or some of them then what is the number one key ingredient in a relationship?
Ha Ha I am still not ready to tell you yet lets talk a bit more first. When you first start any type of relationship are you 100% honest with that person know that you barely know them? Well are you? How about trusting them do you totally trust them even though you know you are suppose to honestly do you? Heck do you love them? Are you fully committed to them? and I am sure there is not much communication at the very beginning now is there? Do you see my point. So what makes that a relationship? Take a few moments to think about it. Have you figured it out yet?
Now lets talk about it and you may not agree with me at first but once you hear my answer and explanation to my answer everyone will agree, the most important thing in a relationship and the thing that is need and wanted most is the attention. Why you ask well lets put it this way what attracts you to someone how do you notice them if you like someone and they don't notice you what do you do? You try to get their attention by either drawing attention to yourself or by gaining theirs some how.
If you are in a relationship no matter what type or kind what happens if a person pays you too much attention,  normally you want them to leave you alone or you start to feel crowded like you need your space, what happens if you don't get enough attention, well you start to look elsewhere for it. Lets face it attention makes or breaks a relationship. Once the level of attention is established then everything else is built. That is where the love,honesty,communication,commitment,trust,and in some cases sex and faithfulness depending on the type of relationship.
Now that I have informed you of this are there any questions? If so feel free to ask leave them as comments or ask them directly and I will do my best to answer them and thanks for reading this article.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Direct Sales

Lets Face it when we hear direct sales most of us tend to think hassle right, well to be honest it can be for many people but with the right product that will never be the issue. I personally hate direct sales because it requires more work then any other way of making money online it is a job withing a job. I know it sounds bad but it is really not that hard if you have the time and the money to make it happen.
What I mean is with direct sales there are a lot of things involved in completing or closing the sale. For example if you are selling a physical product such as car parts there are many ways you can do this but we will only talk about online because that is what this article is about making some extra money online. When we break down everything it takes to sale directly to buyers lets look at all the things needed. First thing you will need is the product and that would mean that you would need enough of that product to continue to sale it over and over again upon the buyers demand for that product because there will be no point on selling a set of four tires and then not being able to sell anymore tires because you have no more and won't ever be able to get anymore.
The next thing you will need is a way for the buyer to see the product and the condition of the product. Trust me no one is going to buy anything they can't see or touch. So a website or other type of location is required for this. You need a good reputation as well,chances are if you are not well known people will think twice about buying form you, so if you don't provide some type of background information to the buyer then it could raise questions in their minds.
Next you will need a policy in case the product is damaged during shipping. If a buyer gets a product that is damaged when they receive it do you think they will buy from you again or even recommend your service to their friends and family I think not. So a good refund or replacement policy would be good just to cover your back in the event that something does happen to a product before it reaches the buyer.
You need a way to package and distribute the product it's self as well as a company to ship it. This is a very important part if you can't trust your shipping company or cant get the product to the buyer it is not good for business and it only hurts you in the long run. It might even cost you more to try and find away to get the product to the buyer if your system fails or turns out to be unreliable. So make sure that you have a really good system.
You will also need a way to advertise either through a small video commercial which you can post on youtube or any video streaming site you might know about, or through internet advertising such as adwords or any other ad network advertising campaigning site. I would recommend doing this just until you get a few buyers because the best form of advertising is word of mouth and everyone knows that. Lets face it you trust your friends and family before you trust some stranger trying to get money from you for what ever reason right?
I think the number one thing you need is good customer service. If you treat your buyers like crap then I don't think they would come back or recommend you to anyone else bottom line is you need a great system in order for direct sales to work. If for any reason any of these things are out of place you will not be able to close the sale or even make the sale to begin with. You also need a trusted payment source one that people know and love such as google checkout alertpay or paypal. Paypal would be the best because it is well know and well trusted. It's free to sign up for paypal and they have many ways to integrate to websites and or blogs. So what are you waiting for get your system into place and get started selling today. I can recommend a good site for anyone that has a product already. It is an ecommerce site I think you will all love if direct sales is what you are into here it is Vendio. Also check out this site if you are looking for some good bargains and low prices we are always updating this site and adding new products every week.
I hope this article has help you to better understand what you will need and what it takes for direct sales. If you are still looking for other ways to make money online you can check out my other hubs here is a really good one Another way to make money on line. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seeking LTR.

I need a real woman someone to love me who is serious about being with me and is not about the games! Who wants the job please comment if you are interested please leave comments thanks

Kai Masata

Saturday, January 8, 2011

When your back is turned

Your my Gurl, my homie, my dog for life
Unitl your back is turned, then it's
That b**** anit s***, f*** that slut she can go to hell

Oh don't worry I got your back, you can trust me
Until your back is turned, then it's
I don't give a f*** your her man, i just want to f*** s***,
that trick was cheating on you any way

Gurl they my god kids, i love them like my own
Unitl your back is turned, then it's
her kids anit gonna be s***, the mother anit s*** and the daddys lock the f*** up
nobody want her and those bad ass kids

Gurl take this money, i know your good for it
Until your back is turned, then it's
that broke b**** had a nerve to borrow money off me, if she don't pay me back I gonna crack her in the fucken head

Are you really my friend (yeah i am)
Until your back is turned

By Renee


I Never....(love mothers have for her chrildren)

I never met you....but I love you
I never held your hand....but I know there soft
I never look into your eyes....but i know they are brown like mind
I never seen your smile....but I know it will make my life brighter
I never been around you....but I know I will enjoy your company

I never hit the lottery....but I know I will have you over riches
I never learned how to swim.... but I will swim in the deepest ocean to save you
I never lost a body part.... but I will give you all of me to save your life
I never knew I can feel this way about someone.... but with you it easy, because your apart of me
My baby

By Renee

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Social Networking Done Right

what do we think about when we heart the word social networking, We think about some of the largest social sites in the world such as myspace,facebook,twitter,blackplanet,myyearbook,and ourspace just to name a few we also think about dating and meeting new people. Yes all these things are true but there are other things that might come to mind too such as social marketing,promoting a talent or skill and even selling things. When we look at all the different social networking site that are out here we realize there are none that do it all and we use each one for something different,

What if I told you that I created a social networking site that is 100% FREE and it is a combination of all three major social networks in one and it has many more features,Would you use a site like that could you use a site like that. If I told you that it has the feature to customize your profile page and it give you the option to change your layout with drag and drop. It has it's built in  music and video player that you can embed to your other pages, You even have to option to customize the look and feel of them, as well it has built in two in one chat room instant messenger like facebook but you can talk to all your friends at once or hold personal conversations one on one. I also linked it to our special feature a phone chat line that is also free. We have built in applications and much more like member of the week,blog of the week,and even video of the week.

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You can send and receive message,friend request, post comments,create blogs,start discussions,post events,and even make your own groups,and for all you marketers out there it is even a way you can advertise and build your brand or business. With login and sign up through google facebook and yahoo it makes it that much easier, there are more coming too. Now with all these great feature plus many more in which I am not going to reveal right now would you use this site. If I told you that there are still more features to come. Each day I add something new to the network based on members request and demand, I also promote some great talent on the site some upcoming starts and a bunch of other talent you will just have to see for yourself.

Now I ask you Why haven't you sign up yet, The site is called Masata and it comes with all those features and more for free no money will ever be asked of you. How ever you do have the option to make small donations to help keep the site free. As the CEO and Webmaster of Masata I Promise to only deliver the best in social networking to all of my members in return I just ask that you help keep the network clean of all porn and inappropriate content. If you are not sure what is appropriate please view or terms and conditions page. Thanks and I ask again Why aren't you here yet lol, See you on Masata.

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