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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Childs Program or Adult Humor

 Sponge Bob Square Pants
Lets face it us as adults and those that are parents will agree we have to monitor what our children watch on television. I normally here about a new show and watch it first. Most of us as parents don't have a lot of time with our busy lives to sit down and watch every show that our children watch on television before exposing them to is right. Well that is why I am writing this to help with the process. I am currently watching Sponge Bob Square Pants . Now I ask you is this really a kids show or is this simply adult humor? Would you let your child watch this program if you really look into it. When we think about childrens programming we thing of networks like Disney and Nickelodeon. Sponge bob is aired on Nickelodeon also known as Nick and Nick toons. I know these are suppose to be kid networks but what about the programming they show? Lets break this one down.

To start let introduce the main Characters of this so called kids show. First is the star Sponge bob. He is a sponge that wears pants and doesn't use any common sense. He works as a fry cook for the Krusty Krab named after his boss Mr. Krabs. Next is his next door neighbors Squidward and Patrick. Squidward is a squid that plays music and works as an order taker at the local restaurant known as the Krusty Krab. Patrick is a friend of Sponge bob who is slow and unemployed,he live under a rock and he is a star fish.
We also have Sandy who is a squirrel that lives in a bubble under water which we all know is not possible. They live in a town called bikini bottom and they go to a school with a teacher who's name just so happen to be mrs. Puff. Now let's take a minute and look deeper into this and translate a few of these things namely some of the terms mentioned. I know that kids are young and that there is a possibility that they are too young to understand or know what these terms are but is this something we really want to expose our youth too?

 Bikini Bottom (the town)
This is the underwater town that Sponge Bob and all his friends live. The town where jelly fishing and Krabby Patties rule. There is a school where they take boating lessons, each of the character's houses and the Krusty Krab, and the Chum Bucket owned by Mr. Krab's long time rival Plankton who is a single celled organism that is looking to ruin the Krusty Krab. He is married to a computer and always have evil ideas and plans. Nothing wrong with that right. Everything seems innocent and fun for kids but let's take a look at the name of this town. Bikini Bottom.
Now look at the picture that is the message that is given to our children. Is that something you want your child to know about so young? I know I don't ever want my child to know about something so explicit at a very early age. I mean not until they reach their early twenties. Now I know I might be feeding a bit much into this but lets keep in mind the writers are all adults. Why should our children have to know about bikini bottoms through a kids cartoon. Shouldn't it be the job of the parent to teach their child about sex. Yet most people see no harm in this or is it that they just don't care. You be the judge of that.
The Owner of the restaurant where Sponge Bob works with his neighbor Squidward. Mr. Krabs is a money hungry, selfish,inconsiderate, greedy boss who would sell his soul to the devil for a quick buck. No harm in that right. I mean there are many people in this world that are the same way as Mr. Krabs right. Okay But if you look at the way the name is spelled starting with a K instead of a C it just seems funny to me that this concept is closely related to something else that I will get into on the translation capsule. Lets see what you think or if you agree.
 The STD Krabbes (translation)
this here is a picture of the Sexually Transmitted Disease know as Krabbes which we can see also starts with the letter K. I mean why would this be in a cartoon made for kids? Is it to teach our children about sexually transmitted diseases or is it just sick humor to corrupt our youths minds? There are many cartoons out there that children watch and none of them mention anything of the sort. I don't know what the writers are trying to get at but this is not a message I should feel comfortable allowing my child to watch.  
She is the local driving or in this show boating instructor. Her name is Mrs. Puff she hates sponge bob. She thinks he is annoying yet she is really nice and sweet to everyone else. She tries to push Sponge bob through the course just so she doesn't have to deal with him any more. Let's face the facts no one like to be annoyed but the real message is yet to come.
 Translation Puff on this
When you hear the word puff what is it that you think about. I don't know about you but I think about smoking, and this is the message behind the word puff. Now we have Drugs come into play do you really want your child to think about smoking or doing drugs because of a name they hear in one of the programs they watch on the television. I know that if I ever caught my child smoking anything I might go crazy but our children now think it is okay to smoke. I wonder why. How many of our children have to get locked up or get someone else locked up drugs or even smoke cigarettes? because they choose to do They hear and see these things on tv and think it is okay because they see these so called role models and people they look up too doing it. They even hear and see it in their cartoons. What is this world coming too? 

Sandy Cheeks
A Power hungry squirrel that lives in a glass bubble dome underwater. She goes by the name Sandy Cheeks. This is by far the worse one yet I think. She wears ab bra and a short skirt and she is supposed to be a scientist. She most of the time walks around under water in a space suite and helmet. We all know squirrels can't live under water but of course it is suppose to be funny. Laugh out loud but what is funny about a squirrel named Sandy Cheeks to me that is inappropriate for any child or even teenager,yet this is what passes for entertainment for Kids have we lost our minds or is it that we overlook these things. Are we that busy as adults where we allow such things as this to corrupt our youth? I think not so lets wise up and do something about this help save our youth. 
 Translation (need I say more)
The picture to the right says it all. The word sandy refers to the color and the word cheeks well just let the picture speak for that. I mean really come on now this is suppose to be a childrens show. Something created to help aid in raising our children is this what we want them to learn and gain from this. When you think about it now how do you feel know that a show designed for children was actually created to corrupt their minds. What will we do as parents to prevent this kind of thing in the future? How hard will you work to protect you child?
Written By: Kai Masata