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Saturday, January 8, 2011

When your back is turned

Your my Gurl, my homie, my dog for life
Unitl your back is turned, then it's
That b**** anit s***, f*** that slut she can go to hell

Oh don't worry I got your back, you can trust me
Until your back is turned, then it's
I don't give a f*** your her man, i just want to f*** s***,
that trick was cheating on you any way

Gurl they my god kids, i love them like my own
Unitl your back is turned, then it's
her kids anit gonna be s***, the mother anit s*** and the daddys lock the f*** up
nobody want her and those bad ass kids

Gurl take this money, i know your good for it
Until your back is turned, then it's
that broke b**** had a nerve to borrow money off me, if she don't pay me back I gonna crack her in the fucken head

Are you really my friend (yeah i am)
Until your back is turned

By Renee


I Never....(love mothers have for her chrildren)

I never met you....but I love you
I never held your hand....but I know there soft
I never look into your eyes....but i know they are brown like mind
I never seen your smile....but I know it will make my life brighter
I never been around you....but I know I will enjoy your company

I never hit the lottery....but I know I will have you over riches
I never learned how to swim.... but I will swim in the deepest ocean to save you
I never lost a body part.... but I will give you all of me to save your life
I never knew I can feel this way about someone.... but with you it easy, because your apart of me
My baby

By Renee