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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Social Networking Done Right

what do we think about when we heart the word social networking, We think about some of the largest social sites in the world such as myspace,facebook,twitter,blackplanet,myyearbook,and ourspace just to name a few we also think about dating and meeting new people. Yes all these things are true but there are other things that might come to mind too such as social marketing,promoting a talent or skill and even selling things. When we look at all the different social networking site that are out here we realize there are none that do it all and we use each one for something different,

What if I told you that I created a social networking site that is 100% FREE and it is a combination of all three major social networks in one and it has many more features,Would you use a site like that could you use a site like that. If I told you that it has the feature to customize your profile page and it give you the option to change your layout with drag and drop. It has it's built in  music and video player that you can embed to your other pages, You even have to option to customize the look and feel of them, as well it has built in two in one chat room instant messenger like facebook but you can talk to all your friends at once or hold personal conversations one on one. I also linked it to our special feature a phone chat line that is also free. We have built in applications and much more like member of the week,blog of the week,and even video of the week.

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You can send and receive message,friend request, post comments,create blogs,start discussions,post events,and even make your own groups,and for all you marketers out there it is even a way you can advertise and build your brand or business. With login and sign up through google facebook and yahoo it makes it that much easier, there are more coming too. Now with all these great feature plus many more in which I am not going to reveal right now would you use this site. If I told you that there are still more features to come. Each day I add something new to the network based on members request and demand, I also promote some great talent on the site some upcoming starts and a bunch of other talent you will just have to see for yourself.

Now I ask you Why haven't you sign up yet, The site is called Masata and it comes with all those features and more for free no money will ever be asked of you. How ever you do have the option to make small donations to help keep the site free. As the CEO and Webmaster of Masata I Promise to only deliver the best in social networking to all of my members in return I just ask that you help keep the network clean of all porn and inappropriate content. If you are not sure what is appropriate please view or terms and conditions page. Thanks and I ask again Why aren't you here yet lol, See you on Masata.

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