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Friday, January 28, 2011

Direct Sales

Lets Face it when we hear direct sales most of us tend to think hassle right, well to be honest it can be for many people but with the right product that will never be the issue. I personally hate direct sales because it requires more work then any other way of making money online it is a job withing a job. I know it sounds bad but it is really not that hard if you have the time and the money to make it happen.
What I mean is with direct sales there are a lot of things involved in completing or closing the sale. For example if you are selling a physical product such as car parts there are many ways you can do this but we will only talk about online because that is what this article is about making some extra money online. When we break down everything it takes to sale directly to buyers lets look at all the things needed. First thing you will need is the product and that would mean that you would need enough of that product to continue to sale it over and over again upon the buyers demand for that product because there will be no point on selling a set of four tires and then not being able to sell anymore tires because you have no more and won't ever be able to get anymore.
The next thing you will need is a way for the buyer to see the product and the condition of the product. Trust me no one is going to buy anything they can't see or touch. So a website or other type of location is required for this. You need a good reputation as well,chances are if you are not well known people will think twice about buying form you, so if you don't provide some type of background information to the buyer then it could raise questions in their minds.
Next you will need a policy in case the product is damaged during shipping. If a buyer gets a product that is damaged when they receive it do you think they will buy from you again or even recommend your service to their friends and family I think not. So a good refund or replacement policy would be good just to cover your back in the event that something does happen to a product before it reaches the buyer.
You need a way to package and distribute the product it's self as well as a company to ship it. This is a very important part if you can't trust your shipping company or cant get the product to the buyer it is not good for business and it only hurts you in the long run. It might even cost you more to try and find away to get the product to the buyer if your system fails or turns out to be unreliable. So make sure that you have a really good system.
You will also need a way to advertise either through a small video commercial which you can post on youtube or any video streaming site you might know about, or through internet advertising such as adwords or any other ad network advertising campaigning site. I would recommend doing this just until you get a few buyers because the best form of advertising is word of mouth and everyone knows that. Lets face it you trust your friends and family before you trust some stranger trying to get money from you for what ever reason right?
I think the number one thing you need is good customer service. If you treat your buyers like crap then I don't think they would come back or recommend you to anyone else bottom line is you need a great system in order for direct sales to work. If for any reason any of these things are out of place you will not be able to close the sale or even make the sale to begin with. You also need a trusted payment source one that people know and love such as google checkout alertpay or paypal. Paypal would be the best because it is well know and well trusted. It's free to sign up for paypal and they have many ways to integrate to websites and or blogs. So what are you waiting for get your system into place and get started selling today. I can recommend a good site for anyone that has a product already. It is an ecommerce site I think you will all love if direct sales is what you are into here it is Vendio. Also check out this site if you are looking for some good bargains and low prices we are always updating this site and adding new products every week.
I hope this article has help you to better understand what you will need and what it takes for direct sales. If you are still looking for other ways to make money online you can check out my other hubs here is a really good one Another way to make money on line. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

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